Tue, Jul 17, 2018

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Gaisce Award Ceremony

Gaisce - The President's Award - is Ireland's National Challenge Award, the country's most prestigious and respected individual award programme, and a challenge from the President of Ireland to young people between 15 and 25 years of age. The Award works on the basis of a personal challenge set by each individual.

The following student received their Silver Award on the day:

  • Matthew Windsor (5th Year)
  • Eric Glanville(5th Year)
  • Daniel Plummer (5th Year)
  • Jamie Dennison (5th Year)
  • Dylan Forbes (6th Year)
  • Paul Byrne (6th Year)
  • Fergus Burke (6th Year)
  • William Morgan (Class of 2011)
  • Dylan Bennett (5th Year)
  • Paul Redmond (5th Year)
  • James McGovern (6th Year)
  • Mohamad Habash (3rd Year)
  • Conor Callis (6th Year)
  • Ian Corcoran (6th Year)
  • Justas Mereckas (5th Year)

Congratulations to all the boys who completed their Silver Award, we would encourage all current Transition Years to take up the challenge and hopefully next year we will have an award cermony with even more recipients.


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