Sat, Jul 21, 2018

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Literacy & Numeracy Week 2018

Literacy & Numeracy week is here! Next week from the 23rd -27th of April De La Salle College is hosting its yearly event where we have fun and challenge our students through the fundamentals of of learning, literacy and numeracy. The events are as follows:

-          Drop everything and read. Every day from 12-12:20 we all drop what we're doing and read a book for 20 minutes.

-          Writing competition. Winner receives a €100 voucher for Dundrum. Theme this year is: RAGE

-          Riddle me this…..everyday an original riddle is given to the students. Each winner receives cinema tickets.

-          Maths Challenge: Students must solve real life problems using only the world around them.

-          The perfect circle - Can anyone make it?

-          Scrabble competition

-          Countdown competition

-          Bring a book - buy a book! We receive books from you, we sell them back to you and all funds go into the library or we might even put your donations straight onto the library shelf.

-          Lastly, our student will dress up as a fictional character for a day - Wally? Spiderman? Spongebob?

So get involved and read a book,

Tell a story that keeps you up

Solve a riddle, measure a space

Write a story, you'll never replace

So get involved and get stuck in

Literacy, numeracy, is where it all begins


  donate a book, read a book, solve a problem, solve a riddle, write a story or just

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