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Le Chéile Day

Today we are celebrating Le Chéile Day. De La Salle College is one of 74 schools in Ireland under the patronage of the Le Chéile Trust.

The theme for Le Chéile Day this year is ‘unlocking’, which is very appropriate in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Keys are central to the Le Chéile crest. If you l

ook closely at the Brigids cross in the crest, you will see the keys make up the cross. The keys symbolize that education opens up and unlocks knowledge and possibilities.

To celebrate Le Chéile Day in De La Salle we had ‘Drop everything and reflect' (DEAR). Sixth year student Diarmaid Balfe read Mother Teresa’s reflective poem‘Anyway’over the intercom to the whole school community. Following this activity, all teachers watched the Le Chéile 2021 video with their classes.

The Le Chéile 2021 video can be seen below and will be published on the DLS social media platforms for members of the De La Salle communities to watch.


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