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Sports Week 2021

Sports Week 2021 was an all out success. We saw some incredible athletes doing their thing, we saw all of our students get engaged and partake and most importantly we saw smiles and our students having a great day and one that will be remembered. With an updated format due to Covid 19 we embraced the changes and as did our students who as always got on with the job of making it a great day for all.

Change such as the long jump and our newly made pit was very welcome, thanks to Eugene Ryan for all his hours in its construction. Also thank you to Rowing Ireland who kindly loaned us their machines and we were able to for the first time host a 1KM time trial. Our students did very well and we saw a mix of pleasure and pain in their quest to win their time trial. Other events were similar to those of old such as 100m dash, hammer throw and penalty shoot outs.

It must be said that the event was made all the more incredible by the work of the TY sports coaches. They were absolutely amazing and their management and participation from start to finish was nothing short of admirable. As always despite the difficulties we face as a school we pull together and make things happen. The event yearly means so much to so many people, it is placed solidly in the traditions and memories of so many and we are simply delighted to uphold something that means so much. Well done again to all involved and see you all again next year.



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