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The Chocolate factory Walkinstown

All 3rd year Business Studies students yesterday visited The Chocolate Warehouse in Walkinstown for a chocolate workshop given by the grand daughter of the late Thomas Caffrey who was affectionately known as the Irish "Willy Wonka". 

They wanted to visit a small local family run business in order to get information on what they do, how it was set up, effects of tech on their business, how they are affected by Ireland being a member of the EU, importing and exporting etc.From this information, they hoped to come up with original and interesting ideas for their upcoming Business Studies CBA's.

Students were given a presentation on the history of chocolate, the production of chocolate and the economic realities of being a small, family run business in Ireland in today's world.

Students then had a demonstration on various techniques used to create Caffrey's products and also got a chance to create their own chocolates and bars.

After a very exciting table quiz on the presentation where the students were praised for their attention and retention of information, all students were presented with a certificate and a bag of chocolates they had created themselves.

The staff at the Warehouse made a point of informing me a number of times that our students were exceptionally well behaved, mannerly, enthusiastic and retained a huge amount of detail given in the presentation. They were very impressed indeed with them.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the bus trip back was very quiet due to a lot of chocolate being consumed!


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