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Welcome Back Everyone for our 62nd Year!

19 Aughst 2014

I hope you all have had a good and relaxing summer holiday and are returning renewed and refreshed for a successful and fulfilling year.

Things are changing in De La Salle. We no longer have a Headmaster as Mr Lorcan Balfe retires and takes the title with him. I would like to thank him for his service to the College over many years as student, teacher and for the past three years as Headmaster. He has served the College well and I take this opportunity to thank him warmly for his dedication and work on behalf of us all.

Some teachers are leaving us again this year as has been happening over the past number of years. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Ms M. Sullivan, Mr M. Conroy and Mr E. Ryan as they enter their active retirements. Mr O. Chambers is departing on a career break and we wish him well.

There are a number of new teachers beginning their careers in De La Salle this year. I would like to welcome Ms S. Foster as she takes up her duties as Deputy Principal.

Welcome also to Ms J. Holmes, Mr G. O'Reilly, Mr S. O'Neill and Mr M. Forde.

Congratulations and good wishes to all our Leaving Cert students who were so successful in their exams. We here in the College wish them well in their future careers and remind them they are still and always will be part of Salle.

It's a new year, a new beginning and we start the year with great hope and enthusiasm. Welcome back everyone. A particularly warm welcome to our incoming First Years. I hope your time here will be happy and successful. I extend also a warm welcome to the new students in other years.

We have a very committed Parents Association in the College and I would encourage all parents to become involved with them so that they are a truly representative body. A warm welcome awaits all parents in particular parents of new students.

You can follow all school activities on twitter/@DeLa SalleCtown

One very important development is the replacing of the flat roof in the College. This work is currently in progress and we look forward to a leak-free year! Great thanks are due to the Board of Management and in particular to Mr L. Balfe for his commitment to this cause. It will indeed be his crowning glory!

May the Lord bless and keep us all.

May he make his face shine on us and give us his peace in the year ahead.

Elizabeth O 'Connell



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