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Pastoral Care Support

In some cases a student may need the support of one or more of the following:

Guidance Counsellor  

The Guidance Counsellor offers a range of learning experiences and interventions, which are designed to assist students in making decisions about their lives, particularly in relation to their personal, social, educational and vocational development.

Counselling is an integral part of the school guidance programme. It is offered to students on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental learning process and at moments of personal crisis or difficulty. The Guidance Counsellor is an advocate for students within the school and if necessary, may refer the students to external professionals for further support.

Career Guidance is an on- going process which commences when students enter the school and continues throughout their secondary school education. From Transition Year onwards, students explore their interests, aptitudes and personal talents through weekly career classes and one to one vocational meetings. They are provided with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to investigate future study and career options, such as subject choice, 3rd level research, apprenticeships, employment, and the CAO, PLC and UCAS application processes. Students will be guided towards making informed, realistic choices about their future plans after the Leaving Certificate.

Guidance refers to both the specific guidance programme delivered by the Guidance Counsellor and to whole school supports which involve the entire school community.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to meet with the Guidance Counsellor. This can be at CAO and Subject Choice information evenings, parent/teacher meetings and on request, by contacting the school office or

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