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Leaving Certificate Gaeilge

The senior Irish language programme aims at providing the students with the communication skills to allow them to participate in everyday interactions with other Irish speakers and to be able to engage with the language in oral, aural and written forms. It also helps students develop a broad knowledge of cultural, social and political matters of Ireland.

Course Content

A wide variety of Irish literature is covered, as well as the associated analysis of these works. Oral, aural, and written practice are also a mainstay, taking place constantly throughout the course, preparing students for the exam.

The Higher Level exam is assessed as follows:

  • Aural comprehension - 60 marks (10%)

  • Written Paper – 300 marks (50%)

  • Oral - 240 marks (40%)




News items




Vlogs and other social media material


Literature and Poetry


Extracts from magazines, newspapers etc.


Extracts from literary works


Functional pieces such as essays, articles, emails,


Opinion pieces based on current and youth related topics


Creative pieces




Conversations about oneself, one’s interests and opinions etc.


Picture series/ storytelling

The Ordinary level exam is assessed as follows:

  • Aural comprehension- 60 marks (10%)

  • Reading comprehensions - 160 marks (40%)

  • Written papers - 300 marks (50%)

  • Oral – 240 marks (40%)

Who would this subject suit at Leaving Certificate?

Irish is a compulsory subject but will suit all students with a love for languages, who want to get a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the their home country.

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Homework and assignments vary to help students develop all language skills (reading / grammar / listening / writing / presentation / research…)

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities include trips to the Gaeltacht, theatre and cinema and in school activities such as the after school Club na Gaeilge.


An Ghaeilge mar ábhar scoile

Is ábhar éigeantach í an Ghaeilge le rogha leathan ar an gcuracalam. Cuirtear an-bhéim ar scilleanna cumarsáide na teanga a mhúineadh do na daltaí agus an teanga a thabhairt dóibh ar bhealach taitneamhach agus spleodrach. Tá sé mar aidhm ag Roinn na Gaeilge go mbeadh cúltúr beo na tíre fite fuaite le múineadh na teanga. 

Is this subject a requirement for any college courses?

Some courses require Irish for admission. However proficiency in a foreign language can be an important add on to enhance career opportunities. The employment opportunities within the Irish language realm are growing all the time and range from education and business to the EU.


IT resources, a wide array of authentic educational materials, as well as an after school Irish homework club.

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