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Physical Education

 Our physical education curriculum applies a holistic approach to the concept of physical activity for young people. It recognises the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of human movement, and emphasises the contribution of physical activity to the promotion of individual and group wellbeing. Learning in physical education involves the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes central to physical education, together with recognition of its potential for integration with other curriculum areas.

The general aim of our physical education syllabus is to contribute to the preparation of the student for a life of autonomous wellbeing. This aim will be pursued through the:

•   enhancement of the student’s sense of self through the development of skillful and creative performance of practical activities 

•   development of the student’s understanding of physical activity and awareness of the links between physical education and other curricular areas 

•   motivation of the student to choose a lifestyle that is active, healthy and meaningful 

•   the personal enrichment of the student by developing personal and social skills, and encouraging positive attitudes and values in her/his interaction with others. 

Course Content

 Our syllabus includes a number of areas of study representative of a range of practical activities, each of which has particular characteristics and contributes to the attainment of the overall aim of physical education. These areas of study are: Adventure activities; Aquatics; Athletics; Invasion & Net Games; Gymnastics; & Health-related activity.


Adventure Activities – Orienteering, Team Challenges, & Campcraft

Aquatics – Entry, Movement in Water, Aqua Fitness, Water Safety, & Surfing

Athletics – Jumping, Running, & Throwing

Invasion & Net Games – Game Making, Attacking Play, & Defensive Play

Gymnastics – Themes, Movement Vocabulary, & Relationships

Health-Related Activity – Activity and the Body, Fitness, & Training

Some of the different activities that students participate in include:








Couch > 5km

Disability Sports



Strength & Conditioning


Table Tennis

Team Challenges

Touch Rugby

Ultimate Frisbee




Fundamental Movement Skills


GAA Football


Health Related Activities


Olympic Handball




Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

 Homework is given occasionally in order to consolidate student learning. It is vital that students engage with the given homework in order to improve their understanding of material being covered in lessons.

Career Note

PE is a subject that is required in all aspects of life and is necessary for any future career, from architecture to zoology. Students shoul concentrate on their fundamental movement skills and try to improve them through all the different activities in order to live a long and healthy life.

Resources Available

The PE Department have a huge range of resources including:


  • 2 x Full Size onsite pitches

  • 1 x Indoor Sports Hall - Marked for Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Indoor Football, & Olympic Handball

  • 1 x Strength & Conditioning Gym 

  • 6 x Changing Rooms

  • 2 x Shower Blocks

  • 1 x Projector in Sports Hall

  • 6 x Apple iPads

  • All the sporting equipment like balls, rackets, bats, etc. necessary to fulfill the curriculum.

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