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The Prefects

Prefects play a central role in the life of the school. They must embody the core values of courtesy, respect and responsibility.

Prefects carry out a number of important tasks within the school:

  • Act as role models for younger students

  • Represent the student body

  • Act in a manner befitting the school’s tradition and good name

  • Help to keep the school environment free of litter

  • Promote leadership and represent the school on important occasions


As prefects, students must provide guidance, make decisions, bring students together, disseminate information and distribute work. A prefect strongly influences other students, encouraging them to work in cooperation with each other and bringing them together as part of the school community. The following characterise an effective prefect: positive, fair, helpful, conscientious, cheerful, diligent, attentive and energetic.

Prefects must bear in mind to mix with all students, be wary of the health and safety of all and uphold the rights of all students. They must be vigilant at all times and assist with maintaining good order and good standards of behaviour in the school and its environs.

In addition, each prefect will be required to fulfil a special duty from the following list:

  • Animate the Green School Club

  • Be involved in specific sports/wellbeing events in the school

  • Prepare articles for the website, school magazine

  • Overlook the different clubs

  • Participate weekly to a homework club and occasionally organise study workshops

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