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Biology is the study of life. Through the study of biology students employ the processes of science in their investigations and explore the diversity of life and the inter-relationship between organisms and their environment. Students develop an understanding and knowledge of the unit of life – the cell – whose structures and processes are shared by all living organisms and, in so doing, gain an insight into the uniqueness, function and role of organisms, including themselves. In addition, they become aware of the use by humans of other living organisms and their products to enhance human health and the human environment and make informed evaluations about contemporary biological issues.

Course Content

There are 3 units: 

  1. The study of life

  2. The cell

  3. The organism

Students explore the diversity of life through exploration of cells, biological systems and living organisms.

Who would this subject suit at Leaving Certificate?

This subject would suit a student with an inquisitive mind, a passion for understanding the importance and the context of the diverse microbiological human, animal and plant life cycles in our world.

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments
Students regularly get written and learning homework, this comprises of textbook questions, exam questions, definitions and experimental write-ups

Is this subject a requirement for any college courses?
There are some colleges that require at least one science subject at Leaving Cert Level, any courses directly involving Biology may also require a certain grade, students can check their courses' specific requirements. 


A fully equipped science laboratory,

Textbook, workbooks,

ICT resources.

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