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Junior Cycle Business

Business Studies at Junior Cycle ensures students have the understanding, skills, attitudes and growth mindset to participate in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world. The course encourages students to understand how their lives are shaped by economic and social factors. They learn how to make sound financial decisions and budget, their rights and responsibilities as consumers as well as the role of financial institutions. They explore entrepreneurship and how it can shape and change our lives in a positive way.

Business Studies looks at the world of work and develops useful skills for this through the frequent use of information technology right throughout the course.

It encourages students to develop a problem solving mindset and develops critical thinking skills.

Business Studies also encourages students to explore the interdependence of well being in society and the environment thereby developing responsible and ethical citizens.

Course Content

Course is divided into 3 strands : 


Strand 1 - Personal Finance

                                                     Strand 2 - Enterprise

                                                                                                 Strand 3 - Our Economy

Who would this subject suit at Junior Cert?

Business Studies would suit any student who is interested in developing their worldview with regard to economic and social factors. It suits students who are interested in developing their IT skills and developing their knowledge of good business practice and of business as a productive, positive activity.

Business covers lots of basic, valuable life skills such as money management, interacting with financial institutions and their rights as consumers, employees and more. 

It covers a range of learning work, accounting work and computer work and would suit any hard working, enthusiastic student who wants a good introduction to the business world.

Market Analysis
Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Regular homework is given on material covered in class. Homework is uploaded to Google Classroom and regular feedback given on each piece.

Homework ranges from written work to some accounting work to learning work.

There are two Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s) in Junior Cycle Business :

CBA 1 is completed in second year and is a chance for students to work as part of a group while researching an area of the course that interests them.

CBA 2 is completed in third year and is an individual project whereby the student will research a topic from the course that interests them and create a presentation on the topic. An assessment task is also required to be completed after the presentation.

Students achievements in the CBA’s will be reported on as part of their Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.


The Junior Cycle Business final exam is assessed at common level in June of Third Year.

The paper is 2 hours long and is comprised of two sections -

 Section A : Short Questions and Section B : Long Questions

The final exam is worth 100% of the grade. This grade will be reported in their Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.

Other Points

Business is also offered at senior level at De La Salle College Churchtown. This Junior Cycle course is ideal for those who are interested in possibly pursuing further studies in Business but not a necessary requirement.

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