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School Uniform

Full school uniform is obligatory.  Students are expected to be in full school uniform every day, on the journey to school, throughout the school day and on the return journey home from school. Parents are asked to co-operate in this regard.

We want our students to be proud of De La Salle College and to wear their uniform with confidence and dignity.  We believe in the holistic development of each student where we enhance each student’s sense of self worth, their respect for others and for the school environment. 


Our aim is to create a safe, happy effective learning environment and wearing the full school uniform each day helps create that environment by reminding students that it is to school they are going where high standards of work and behaviour are expected.

The uniform consists of:

  • Grey Regulation Jumper for Junior Students (1st to 4th Year).

  • Black Regulation Jumper for 5th & 6th Year students

  • White or Grey Shirt and Official School Tie.

  • Grey Regulation Trousers (1st – 4th Year students).

  • Black regulation trousers (5th & 6th Year students).

  • Plain black formal leather shoes - (Canvas shoes, runners or trainers will not be permitted)

  • Official Black School Jacket – (Hoodies & fleeces will not be permitted)


The school reserves the right to confiscate non-uniform items. Parent/guardians may collect items from the relevant Year Head.

The complete school uniform is available from Schoolwear Ireland. 

Please contact Keith Ward 083 1857315

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