Junior Cycle English


English at Junior Cycle aims to develop students’ knowledge of language and literature, to consolidate and deepen their literacy skills and make them more self-aware as learners. All students are required to study English at Junior Level. Students can sit either Higher or Ordinary Level.

More specifically it encourages all students to:

  • Be creative through language and to gain enjoyment and continuing personal growth from English in all its forms.

  • Develop control over English using it and responding to it with purpose and effect through the interconnected literacy skills of oral language, reading and writing.

  • Engage personally with and think critically about an increasingly broad range of spoken, written and multimodal texts.

  • Develop an informed appreciation of literature through personal encounters with a variety of literary texts.

  • Use their literacy skills to manage information needs, and find, use, synthesise, evaluate and communicate information using a variety of media.

  • Gain an understanding of the grammar and conventions of English and how they might be used to promote clear and effective communication.

Course Content

  • Higher Level: Must study a Shakespeare Play

  • Two studied novels 

  • A variety of drama extracts

  • A number of short stories 

  • Poetry 

  • Film studies

  • Media Studies


Types of Homework/Projects/Assignments

  • Homework will be a mix of written homework and reading homework. Homework can show students writing skills and their creativity. 

  • Students will engage in two Classroom-Based assessments which offers the students a chance to demonstrate their learning achievements. 

  • CBA one will focus on Oral communication. This develops key skills that students will use across all subjects.

  • CBA two focuses on students' written work. This written work is completed over a period of time and students are given feedback from teachers to improve their work.

Resources Used

First year: Kingdom 1 

2nd and 3 year: Kingdom 2

Teachers use a variety of books (novels, plays, films etc.) which are chosen by the class teacher and may vary from class to class. Youtube, Notes, Studyclix and a variety of other resources are used to engage and aid students with their learning.