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Junior Cycle French

The junior French programme aims at providing the students with the basic communication skills to allow them to participate in everyday interactions in a francophone country or with the francophone community at home, and to be able to engage with the language in oral, aural and written forms. It also helps students develop their knowledge of cultural and social matters of countries where French is the main language.

Course Content
The Junior Cycle assessment includes two classroom-based assessments (an oral piece and a compilation of written pieces) and a final exam at common level.




News items




Vlogs and other social media resources


Basic extracts from magazines and other authentic and non authentic material


Personal pieces (letters, postcards, notes, blogs...)

Creative pieces




Role plays


Conversations with classmates

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Homework and assignments vary to help students develop all language skills (reading / grammar / listening / writing / presentation / research…)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities include participation in foreign exchange, trips to Francophone cultural places in Dublin, French cinema / French theatre etc.


IT resources

Wide array of authentic educational materials

French homework club

French Flag
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