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Code of Behaviour


De La Salle College Churchtown is a Catholic, voluntary, post primary school for boys founded by the De La Salle Brothers and now under the trusteeship of the Le Chéile Trust. In keeping with the religious and educational philosophy of that Congregation, “The Lasallian School of today must ensure a good academic level, good discipline, good atmosphere for life and work and a good reputation”.


The Code of Behaviour seeks to create a safe, secure, caring and happy environment conducive to learning and to the development of each student so they can achieve their full potential intellectually, spiritually, morally, emotionally, physically, socially and culturally. It is based on the principles of respect, equality, co-operation and natural justice, has regard to the rights and responsibilities of management, teachers, students and parents. 


The overall aim of the code is to promote positive behaviour and maintain desirable standards of behaviour to foster understanding and co-operation between teachers, pupils and parents. It provides a framework for reasonable and responsible behaviour.  It ensures that every effort is made to accommodate the individuality of each student and acknowledges the right of each student to an education in a disruption-free environment in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure the code is administered in a manner which is consistent and fair for all students.

Parents are expected to encourage their children to abide by the code and to actively support teaching staff in the application of the code.


School Day

8.30am                 Registration

8.45am                 Classes Begin

1.00 – 1.45pm     Lunch Break

3.45pm                 Classes Finish

1.00pm                 Classes Finish (Wednesday)

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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Day to day life at De La Salle College is based on the concept of mutual respect shown to all members of the school community. The onus is on each person to behave appropriately at all times. Classes should conduct themselves in an atmosphere conducive to learning in which students can receive equal attention. High standards of work and attention are expected from all students if they are to achieve their full academic potential.



Much is done to encourage students and to affirm good practice among students. Positive affirmation can take the following forms:

  • Verbal praise

  • A positive note home in the School Journal

  • The Student Progress System – where Merit Stamps are given to students to acknowledge exceptional work, school spirit, improvement & leadership

  • Students are awarded Merit Bronze, Silver & Gold Badges and certificates at Award Ceremonies throughout the school year

  • Referral to Class Tutor, Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal for praise & recognition

  • Letter of Student Achievement sent to Parents

  • Positive comments in School Reports

  • Acknowledgements within the class and at Year Group Assemblies

  • Articles/photos of achievements in the school Newsletter or on the school Twitter/Website

  • Student of the Month Class Awards

  • Awards on Prize Night

  • Sixth Year Graduation & Prize Night

  • Mention on the school intercom for achievements

  • Medals for sporting achievements

  • Framed pictures on the walls of the school for outstanding achievement  ( This list is not exhaustive)


Parent Teacher Meetings are arranged for each year group and formal reports will be issued by the College: at Halloween, following the Christmas Exams, at Easter, following the Mock Exams and following the Summer Exams.

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