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The Student Council

The Student Council consists of a group of democratically-elected student representatives, and exists to present the views of the student body with the aim of creating a fairer and more beneficial school for the students.  Elections take place at the beginning of the school year, with two students elected from each year from First Year to Fourth Year, and three students each from Fifth and Sixth Year. 


At the first meeting, the council votes to decide on a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from amongst the Sixth Years and a Secretary from amongst the Fifth Years.  The council then meets regularly throughout the year to organise events and discuss suggestions they wish to put forward to improve the school, as well as making themselves available at “Clinics” for students to present ideas. 


Members of the council learn to use their initiative, work in a team with people of different ages and develop their communication and leadership skills, all of which are valuable assets for later life.

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