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Junior Cycle Science

Science in Junior Cycle aims to develop students' evidence-based understanding of the natural world and their ability to gather and evaluate evidence: to consolidate and deepen their skills of working scientifically; to make them more self-aware learners and become competent in their ability to use and apply science in their everyday lives.

Course Content

The junior Certificate science course is divided into these core sections, which are covered over the three year cycle:


Nature of science


Biological world


Chemical world


Physical world


Earth and space

Who would this subject suit at Junior Cycle?

All students study science at junior cycle. This subject will be enjoyed by all students but particularly those that are curious about the world around them and who like to investigate, examine and analyse data.

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Homework may include written work, reading and learned (oral) work.

There may be times when students are asked to do some research work.


Each lab is equipped with materials for carrying out scientific investigations,

ICT resources,

Textbook, workbooks.

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