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The Le Chéile Schools Trust

The Le Chéile Schools Trust acts on behalf of the fourteen congregations and over sixty schools who wish to continue:

  • To affirm their commitment to the future of Catholic Education.

  • To provide for the needs of the students and communities in their schools.

  • To honour their partnership with the government in the education system.


Central to the operation of the Trust is its Charter. The Charter outlines the Mission and Vision that the congregations entrusted to this new plan for the future. It states the hopes and aspirations that the congregations brought to their own work in schools, and that they are confident will be carried into the future.  These hopes are translated into the particular circumstances of each school’s Mission and Vision statement, as well as the practical policies that outline its operation.


In the spirit of partnership and collaboration, the Le Chéile Schools Trust supports and encourages De La Salle College to be true to the three aims outlined above.  It supports the college in promoting the De La Salle tradition and heritage while at the same time encouraging the development of a Le Chéile identity that recognises common Catholic values and ethos across all its schools.


The Le Chéile Trust is the proud trustee of De La Salle College, which is under the care of a Board of Management.  Ms. Margaret Walsh is the Chairperson of the Board and Ms. Siobhán Foster is the Principal.  There is a competent and caring team of over 30 staff, offering a wide variety of subjects, sport, extra-curricular activities, pastoral & learning support, and committed to the holistic development of each and every student.

Le Chéile Prayer

In the power of the Spirit
and in keeping with the traditions of our founding Congregations
we pray that,
for students and teachers alike;
our schools
may be places of learning and discovery
places of hope and joy
places of courage and confidence
places of gratitude and generosity
places of faith rooted in love.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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