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This set of summary guidelines applies to the entire school community including students, parents and teachers.  We encourage the active involvement and participation of all in developing coherent approaches to this important aspect of student development.


This is work assigned by a subject teacher for completion by the student outside of school time.  It may be written, oral, aural, reading, project based work or revision work.  It will be challenging and purposeful and enhance pupil motivation.  It should be coordinated, regular, marked promptly and accurately and followed with relevant feedback.


The purpose of this set of guidelines is to inform the school community of the schools position regarding homework.  The aim is to assist and encourage students to develop to their full potential in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.  The final responsibility for satisfactory completion of homework rests with the learner.  Regular homework is a valuable aspect of the learning process and contributes to the development of sound study skills.  It consolidates and supplements in the work done in class and promotes independent learning and creativity.  It strengthens Home/School links and offers those at home insights into what is being taught in the classroom.


Teachers expect that:

  • Students record homework.

  • Students make an honest effort to complete homework fully and on time.

  • Students have adequate facilities to enable them to do homework.

  • Students absent due to school related activities (e.g. matches, debates etc.) must ensure that homework set in their classes is completed.

  • Parents will support students in carrying out assigned homework.

  • Parents will examine the homework journal regularly.

  • Parents will furnish an explanation note if homework is incomplete or not done because of a particular domestic issue.


Students may expect that:

  • Homework in each subject area will not take up an unreasonable amount of time.

  • Adequate allowance is made for time consuming homework such as essays, projects etc.

  • Homework is related to class work.

  • Homework is fully explained.

  • Homework is corrected and that feedback to students is positive and constructive.

  • Adequate time is given for the recording of homework.


Parents may expect:

  • To be requested to check journals regularly and to sign comments regarding homework.

  • To be kept informed of difficulties regarding homework.

  • To be given the opportunity to discuss homework problems with relevant teacher.

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