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Junior Cycle Geography

The study of junior cycle geography enables students to become geographically literate. It develops knowledge, skills, values and behaviours that allow students to explore the physical world, human activities, and how we interact with our world. It stimulates curiosity, creating opportunities for students to read, analyse, synthesise and communicate about their immediate environment and wider world.

Course Content

Strand One: Exploring the Physical World 

Stand Two: Exploring how we interact with the Physical world

Stand Three: Exploring people, place and change

Type of Homework/Projects/Assignments

Students will engage in two Classroom-Based assessments which offers the students a chance to demonstrate their learning achievements

Classroom Based Assessment 1: Geography in the news

• Structured inquiry through a response to a recent geographical event 

• At the end of a three-week period students will report on their inquiry. 

• Reports may be presented in a wide range of formats 

• Completed in the second term of second year Classroom Based 


Assessment 2: My geography

• Structured inquiry into a geographical aspect(s) in a local area 

• Students will, over a three week period, investigate an aspect of geography in a local area 

• Completed in the first term of third year

Other Points

This subject is diverse and covers a wide range of material. Students will learn key skills throughout this subject. They will develop observational skills throughout the classes. The Geography Department aims to provide all students with an awareness of and an appreciation of global issues for the world they live in.


Book: Geography in Action

Youtube Videos

Google classroom- Notes, Powerpoints 

Map Booklet

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