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De La Salle College is a secondary school for boys located in the southern suburb of Churchtown in Dublin, Ireland.  

We are part of the Le Chéile Trust which supports the commitment to Catholic Education for the future.  

The hopes and aspirations of Lasallian Education as supported by the Le Chéile Trust, will help ensure that the highest standards of academic excellence are achieved. 

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What our Students say

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During my time in De La Salle College, with the help and support of the brilliant and determined teachers, I was able to realise my full potential.
Daniel Stroia

Class of 2020 studying Law with Social Justice in UCD

I did so well in De La Salle College because of the hard work and selflessness of the teachers. They helped me immensely every year and especially in my final year, which I will be eternally grateful for. I will never learn, laugh and enjoy myself more than I did during my time at De La Salle. A fantastic school, filled with fantastic people!

Dane Carroll
Class of 2019 studying Event Management in TUD

De La Salle isn’t just a facility for education; it is a wholesome and inclusive community with such diversity and respect, welcoming anyone and everyone in through its doors. The five Lasallian Principles on our school banner are not just there for decoration, but are taught to the students, who practice these principles every single day.

Elliott Looney
Transition Year- Class of 2023

My time in the school has been probably the best six years of my life, where I have made friendships I hope will last for years to come. The school has also helped me develop as a person and a leader, through roles I have held in the school such as a Mentor, Senior Rugby Captain and as a Prefect.

Diarmaid Balfe
6th Year Student-Class of  2021

What I like about De La Salle so far is the way the teachers teach. They are really nice and easy to understand. I also really like my new friends and the friendly environment. I like the new subjects such as Woodwork, Art and French.

Adda Youcef
1st Year Student –Class of 2026

The Students demonstrated great respect for their teachers and pride in being in the school and of the De La Salle tradition.  A strong ethos of care emanates from Senior Management and the overall care of the students is one of the greatest strengths of the school.

Whole School Evaluation Report

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