De La Salle College is an all boys secondary school located in the southern suburb of Churchtown in Dublin, Ireland.  

Coming to school in De La Salle is really different to primary school, in a good way. I like walking to classes and having a locker and having lots of different subjects.  
Eoin  (1st Year)

It's great to be given the responsibility by the school, trusting us to take care of the 1st years, it says a lot about how the school teaches us to be mature and to take care of others.   
Daniel (5th Year Mentor)

I love this school. When I came here the first day they were very kind to me. They were all the time asking me if I was ok and if I understand. The people are very kind and the teachers are very funny.  
Miguel (1st Year)

The teachers are really nice. “When you put your mind to something you can easily do it”, a teacher told me that and it's great advice.  
Tadhg (1st Year)

Students demonstrated great respect for their teachers and pride in being in the school and of the De La Salle tradition.
Whole School Evaluation Report

A strong ethos of care emanates from Senior Management down the school and the overall care of the students is one of the greatest strengths of the school

Whole School Evaluation Report


Main Office:
(01) 2981067


Transition Year Coordinators:
0863343068 (Voicemail Only)



Ms Siobhan Foster, Principal 

Mr Michael Kirwan, Deputy Principal 

Ms Anne Franklin, Career Guidance Counsellor

Transition Year Coordinators