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2nd Year 2020/2021

The last term of 2nd year was a hive of activity despite the covid restrictions. Having returned back to the classroom, students and teachers were eager to dive back into teaching and learning. There were a number of memorable events organised for our 2nd Year students namely, Sports Day, DLS Day, Darkness into Light, Awards and Merit Ceremony, Tag Rugby and 2nd Year End of Year Party.

There was an array of sporting activities on Sports Day that students could compete in; 100m sprints, Long Jump, Shot Put, Rowing and Sack Race and Penalties. Well done to all those who participated in all the events and in particular those who received medals. It should be noted that the greatest number of penalties were scored when Mr Forde was in goals!! This year was the first DLS Day for our 2nd Year students. There was a buzz in the school. The Lasallian Award ceremony took place in the morning. This award was given to students who live out the five core principles of DLS; Respect for all Persons, Quality Education, Inclusive Community, Concern for the Poor and Social Justice and Faith in the Presence of God. Students were awarded for their efforts with bronze, silver and gold awards. Peter Mari 2L won the District Prize (IPAD Mini) having being selected from a raffle of silver award winners. The DLS Mass was celebrated in our local Good Shepherd Church. The school community watched it remotely in their class groups. DLS Bingo took place shortly after the ceremony and the atmosphere was electrifying with spot prizes and raffles taking place throughout. DLS Day ended with a traditional HB Ice-cream.

Some of our 2nd Year students joined our school community in raising money for Pieta House by participating in Darkness into Light. We had our own Darkness into Light walking track around the school’s rugby pitches and students kept their step count up daily for this worthwhile cause. Pieta House offer free, professional services across the country for people at risk of suicide and self-harm, and those bereaved by suicide. The students and staff raised a total of €5,903 for this very worthwhile cause.

In acknowledgement of the work done this year, an award ceremony was held to acknowledge all of the achievements throughout the year. There were awards for each subject area and also two very prestigious awards; the Outstanding Student and the Spirit of Salle award. Congratulations to all of our award winners. 2nd Years students enjoyed an afternoon of tag rugby organised by their Tutor Mr Boyd and a ‘pizza party’ organised by their Tutor Ms Tully and Year Head Mr Forde.

Students completed their Summer Assessments in their last days of 2nd Year and we strongly advise that students reflect on their progress this year as it is important that each student reach their full potential in all aspects of their development in DLSC.

It was a challenging year for our school community having been on lockdown since the New Year. It was commendable that our 2nd Year students engaged very well online and a lot of quality work was produced despite the many issues presented by the global pandemic. It was particularly challenging for the students to continue their continual based assessments and we appreciate the student’s time and commitment to these assessments. Their Class Tutors Mr Boyd and Ms Tully and Year Head Mr Forde were in regular contact with the students and their parents and would like to thank their parents and guardians in particular for their support and dedication shown to them throughout this challenging time. Without the support from the parents and guardians, it would have been very difficult to keep ongoing communication between school and home and equally to keep the students engaged and motivated in their remote learning. Next year these students will be in a very important exam year. Please come back refreshed and eager to start back with a strong work ethic and have a good study routine in place. Stay safe and well and keep fit and healthy and adhere to the social distancing measures that are in place. On a final note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Boyd and Ms. Tully, on behalf of the boys, for their hard work, support and dedication for the last 2 years. I wish you all the best next year and I hope you enjoy the summer, stay safe and we will see you on your return in August.

Mr M. Forde (Year Head, 2nd Year)



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