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5th Year 2020/2021

End of year is a time of reflection and appraisal. As we all came together at our awards ceremony , it seemed like a fitting end to the year. The atmosphere was upbeat, worthy students received their awards with great panache.

It was a year of challenge , which tested many, hopefully we learned that we are stronger if we support each other and that help is always close at hand. Many of you had life questions and were looking for answers and this was healthy ,natural and normal and just to let you know it doesn’t stop in 5th year.The human quest to find out who we are and our raison d’etre in this world forever continues.

Our mentors have been stalwarts during the year.They rallied together to organize various events for the First years such as a quiz, study skills presentation and a football tournament.We thank them for organizing fun events in a safe environment, despite the restrictions of Covid. Their command of bingo lingo on De La Salle’s Day gave us all a good laugh!

Ms. O’Sullivan, Mr Kinsella and I have been here to support and encourage you during the year. Through thick and thin, our mantra has always been “ respect “.We have enjoyed getting to know you better throughout the year.

We truly wish you all the best in 6th year and will continue to follow your progress.

Ms M. O'Dwyer (Year Head, 5th Year)



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