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Badminton: Southside Schools Mixed Doubles Invitational Tournament

On 13th March, six schools came together in De La Salle College Churchtown to participate in the Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament. It was organised to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the school. Eight teams arrived, four boys teams and four girls teams. Two teams came from both Wesley and High School, while the other schools, Sancta Maria, Mount Anville, Sandford Park and De La Salle brought one each. They were matched together with other schools to form four mixed teams.

All the matches played were mixed doubles, where a boy partnered with a girl on each side. There were three rounds followed by the final and the playoff for the 3rd/4th places.

Gold and silver medals had been made for the occasion with two plaques to be awarded to the winners, one to each of the represented schools.

The team for De La Salle was made up of Aaron McGinnity, Kevin Flanagan, Danreb Matcha and Jamie Mac Mahon. They paired up with the High School Girls to play three rounds together. They won against their opponents in each round and moved on to the final, where they played against the team of Wesley Boys and Santa Maria Girls. It ended as a draw. But the points were added up and De La Salle and High School came out ahead. They took the gold medals and the plaques for their schools.

Much thanks must go towards Lynn McCrave, the De La Salle College Badminton Coach, and Mr Flynn, a past-pupil of the College, now teaching in High School; they were the organisers of the tournament. The event was also host to an honoured guest: Joe Buckley, former Vice President of the Leinster Branch of Badminton, who came to congratulate everyone for their role in the tournament.

The day was a great success for the tournament and can be seen as a starting point for what may be an annual tradition. There are many hopes that it will grow and include more schools in the future.


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