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Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebration 2014

December 10th was the last day of classes for the boys in De La Salle Churchtown, Christmas exams run from the 11th to the 19th of December. In order to fill the school with Christmas cheer before the very serious business of exams our Transition year students organised 'Christmas Day'.

Preparations began a number of weeks ago when Mr Forde started choir practice. Our giving-tree collection also began a number of weeks ago, where all students were asked to donate a gift to the St Vincent De Paul. The decoration of our assembly hall was undertaken by Ms Kelleher and her TY Art class in the days running up to 'Christmas Day'. Ms Kelleher's Art class also designed a Christmas card which has since been printed and sold in great numbers, again all profits will go to St Vincent De Paul. Mr Kirwan's Cooking class had also been practicing their baking skills as they would be providing cakes for a 'bake sale' in aid of St Vincent De Paul.

With all the preparations complete the last thing to do was to get all staff and students to wear festive Christmas jumpers.

The day itself was a great success, the colourful jumpers certainly brightened peoples spirits. The hall looked fantastic with beautifully painted windows, a 'massive' Christmas tree, and Christmas lights throughout. The cake sale was a great success with not a crumb remaining and a generous sum raised for St Vincent De Paul. Our Christmas cards sold out, again a generous sum was raised for SVP. The biggest success of all was our 'giving tree', thanks to the generosity of our school community there were 200 plus gifts donated. Very well done to Ms Mazzucato's TY group for organising the collection.

The last two classes of the day were used as an opportunity for our school community to come together and reflect on the meaning of Christmas; Ms O'Connell reminded us of the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and how we should take time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. Ms Jordan's Religion class gave a reflection on the meaning of Christmas through the presentation of symbols including the Advent wreath and our Nativity crib. Our TYs provided us with hymns throughout, which really added to the lovely atmosphere.

Finally Ms O'Connell gave out awards to pupils of all years in recognition of their hard work so far this year, and as a big surprise to all Father Christmas (Santa!) was on hand to give out some gifts to staff and students.

All in all our Christmas Day celebrations were the perfect way to end the term, very well done to all involved. Happy Christmas to all!


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