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College Awareness Week November 2020. Our goal as always was to get the message across that everyone can go to college with the support of our Guidance Department in the school. It is all about making out students aware of the many different, but equally valid routes into college. It is about getting the information out there that college can be free. In fact most of our students get grants to help them to live while at college. If you want to do a particular college course we find a way in. It is as simple as that. It is about finding what you love and embracing all of the supports we give students in De La Salle to help them to achieve that goal.

Our Transition Year students busied themselves with developing a range of visual presentations to catch the attention of the students in the school. The motto of the guidance department is that if students are exposed to college words, phrases, knowledge, the idea of going to university is embedded in their life plans.

We have our own resident Career Coach in the school called DeLa who delivers career facts to our students on a weekly basis.

In De La Salle we are passionate about the idea of teaching to learn. Our senior students play a key role in delivering information to our junior students so that in addition to reinforcing their knowledge it gets those college facts across to the junior students.

Linking in with and supporting our local community is one of the fundamentals of a La Sallian education. During College Awareness Week our Transition year students linked in with local primary schools to start embedding the idea early; that all routes to higher education are possible. They developed a selection of career powerpoints which they delivered to primary schools.

De La Salle had a range of activities planned in the school for the week that was in it. Junior students got a chance to take part in a number of career games such as Career Pods where they had to organise lots of jobs into different career categories.

Our Transition Year IT enthusiasts developed a video which could be a useful transition tool for our incoming first year students in 2021.

Most of all our College Awareness Week is about getting across the message that in De La Salle we work with students on a one-to-one basis to find a way for you to fulfill your college dreams.


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