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Library Upgrade

14 April 2017

In 2017/18 we here at De La Salle Churchtown have some major initiatives and we need your support! We will be:

Upgrading our library.Introducing an Accelerated Reading Program.

So what is it and why are we bringing it into our school?

An Accelerated Reading Program's sole purpose is to increase your son's reading and learning. It does this by giving each student an individualised reading program that supports and pushes their reading and learning. Improved literacy ability means that your son will have a better chance of succeeding in all subjects across the curriculum and will have greater success in both the junior and leaving certificate.

In order to continue improving our school and resources, we have decided to establish two Annual Fund Raising Events that have the potential to raise significant funds for the college - with your help!

An Annual De La Salle Day DrawAn Annual De La Salle Christmas Fair 

Our first De La Salle Day Draw will take place on May 12th this year. We are asking each student to sell a minimum of just one €20 ticket. There are fantastic prizes available for the winners. 

Please support us in encouraging your son to sell their ticket. Your support is vital for the success of our new fundraising event. We look forward to your next visit to the school and our new state of art library.


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