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Principals Letter to Parents

8 September 2013

I would like to welcome all our students back to the College for the 2013/14 Academic Year - our 61st Year. I would particularly like to welcome the 72 First Year students who have joined us for their post-primary education. I hope their time here in the College will be enjoyable, productive and fulfilling. I hope that all our students will give of their best this year to all the sphere of school life, so as to achieve their potential. I would like to welcome Mr Neal Martin to the teaching staff of the College.

I would like to thank you, the parents for your continued support and assistance. I am very aware of the difficult financial time many of you face and appreciate all your financial contributions last year. Rest assured that any monies given to the College are being spent prudently, so as to maximise the educational facilities and services that we can provide for your son(s). I hope that as many as possible can contribute to the Voluntary Contribution scheme again this year.

The Leaving Certificate results were excellent again this year and many of the class of 2013 are now embarking on the next phase of their education at third level. I would like to congratulate the students and commend their teachers for their dedication and commitment. I would like to encourage this year's 6th Year students to work diligently both in school and at home right throughout this most important year in their lives. After-school study commences next week. I direct you to check out the inside-back-cover of your sons journal, where we have set out for you recommended Study Times for your son as he progresses through the school. Regular study and revision, alongside his homework will pay dividends in the long run.

I would like to remind you that:

  • Full uniform should be worn to school every day. This includes black or brown leather shoes - not runners or trainers. Non-uniform jackets are not acceptable.

  • Detention will be on Saturday mornings at 9am for either 1 or 2 hours. Detention is a serious matter and will result from your son's failure to comply with the Code of Behaviour. I ask your support and co-operation should your son be detained.

  • Double-yellow lines and yellow zig-zag lines outside the school are not appropriate places for parking when waiting to pick up your son. Parents should not drive into the school yard at busy times when dropping off or collecting students.

  • Students should not cycle in the school yard and must lock their bicycles on the racks provided. They should wear helmets and cycle safely.

Junior Certificate results will issue on Wednesday 11th September. Transition Year students will receive their results on Wednesday morning and will then be free for the day. However they must be in school on Thursday morning at 8.45 am for class.

I would like to wish the six 6th Year students [Brendam Butcher, Gareth Cooney, Jamie Hyland, Andrew McArdle, Conor McDonald and Eoin Shivnen] along with Ms Mazzucato a 'bon voyage' as they travel to Lourdes as part of the School Support Programme for the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage.

Finally I hope that your son will work well this academic year; that he will give of his best at all times; that he will show concern and respect for others, that he will grow in character and maturity; that he will develop the values of caring and sharing, and that he will achieve his potential.

Lorcan Balfe,



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