School Health Promotion Team

4 March 2016

On Wednesday 2nd March the first official meeting of the School's first ever Health Promotion Team took place. The team's co-ordinator is Ms Kelleher and the other members represent the staff (Ms Lowry, Ms Normille & Ms Byrne), parents (Ms McTague) and students (Faaez, Abdul, Dean, Shamel, Sib & Liam).

The students received badges and the school was given their Health Promotion banner to show De la Salle Colleges' dedication to making the school a healthier place.

Over the coming weeks, all staff and students will be surveyed and the team will come up with an action plan to make the school a healthier place!



Main Office:
(01) 2981067


Transition Year Coordinators:
0863343068 (Voicemail Only)



Ms Siobhan Foster, Principal 

Mr Michael Kirwan, Deputy Principal 

Career Guidance Department

Transition Year Coordinators