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SCT Beaten by St Andrews

Jan 18 2013

De La Salle's run in the Leinster Schools Rugby Senior Cup unfortunately came to an end today. They were out-played by a class St Andrews side. They game started off pretty slow and it was tough to call, but when Andrews got ahead there was no stopping them. It was the De La Salle crowd who found their voices and reminded the St Andrews crowd that we may be losing but ... 'We go to school for free'. It seemed the more tries St Andrews scored the louder the De La Salle voices got. Just before half time De La Salle got off the zero mark when Kevin Burke kicked a penalty. In the second half, De La Salle was down but not out, nothing was going to get past them - it was like a different team.

Eventually Andrews did break De La Salle's defence, but you could see that they were beginning to tire. While the De La Salle fans still showed their support on the side-line by the KC and the Sunshine Band hit 'Give it Up'. De La Salle certainly didn't give up and they played to the end. They were losing game the but not their spirit, the crowd coming up with more classic hits like Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al", Nine Inch Nails' song 'Hurt' and doing a caterpillar around the whole field. The entire team and the crowd did us proud at the match and they can hold their heads high.


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