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Transition Year 2020/2021

The sun came out on TY Graduation Day, as the students sat in the De La Salle Community Garden to enjoy the fruits of their labour and reflect on what has been a challenging yet enormously productive and successful year for all who took part in the programme. The ceremony was followed by a BBQ for the students and teachers. Congratulations to the many deserving award winners including Elliott Looney [TY Student of the Year]; Jack Campbell & Ben Boylan [Outstanding TY Students]; and Daniel Harris & Calton Takundwa [TY Spirit of Salle].

There was also some fun had at Sports Day; the percussion & drumming workshop with the Mobile Music School; and a Drama workshop with Donal from West End House School of Arts. The students also go to attend the highly engaging Apple Inc. TY Virtual Experience. They finished off the term with some fun and games at the Footee multi-activity sports park.

This year's TY group could not have been more enthusiastic and positive about every aspect of the TY programme and they have shown great commitment to making the most of every minute of their experience. There have been great successes such as the BITAz Work Placement Week; the Plastic-free Schools Project; the Music Generation Programme and the Lasallian Community Garden Renovation Project. The lads got stuck into every aspect with great drive and determination to make their mark. This year was about more than academics. It was about giving the students the opportunity to learn about who they are. Truly the greatest success this year has been how much the lads have grown personally and matured over the past nine months.

They have shown great resilience and patience during the periods of lockdown and taken opportunities to learn wherever they could. Lots of memories were made in the various modules, activities, workshops & social/ community projects. Many students have grown in confidence, found their voice and developed into strong leaders, while others have shown their aptitude for working as a team with their peers to achieve great things. As a year group, they have truly done themselves proud and been incredibly supportive of one another, developing friendships that will continue on into senior cycle and last a lifetime.

A huge thank you to the TY tutors Mr Broderick and Ms Egan, who have been a great source of guidance and support for their students this year, and without whom the programme would not have run so successfully.

Mr C. Brennan (Transition Year Coordinator)



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