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Transition Year Work Placement with a difference!


De La Salle is honoured to have been chosen as the first school in the world to pilot this exciting new TY programme, developed by

BITA [British & Irish Trading Alliance] CEO Paul Whitnell and Paul Edmonds (Kornerstone & Partners). Our own TY student Elliott Looney has been representing De La Salle by showing off his entrepreneurial skills and ambition, already becoming a board member of BITA and helping to develop the BITAz programme alongside its senior members.

This jam-packed week which was held online, saw our students take part in a variety of interactive workshops held especially for our TYs. Students got the opportunity to interact directly with and gain mentorship from a number of extremely successful entrepreneurs in a range of different industries i.e. construction; corporate finance; accountancy; recruitment; waste management & environmental sustainability. This programme allowed students to gain advice from some highly successful & influential figures and a first-hand insight into how businesses op

erate. from The range of workshops held were:

  • The Mechanics of Business by Paul Whitnell [BITA CEO] & Elliott Looney [DLS Student & BITA Board Member]

  • CV Development & Interview Prep by Tina Coy (CSC Partners Recruitment Limited)

  • Mental-health & Well-Being Course by Marcus Hammons [Olive Media]

  • The World of Accountancy Aine Collins (Ex-TD & President of the Certified Public Accountants)

  • Structuring a Business by Peter Vanspall (Investec-UK)

  • StrengthsFinders

  • Presentation Skills & Demonstration Bottle-Crusher by Tommy Griffith (CEO Solar Street Bin)

  • How to Hold a Board Meeting by Aidan Scollard (Partner at Roberts Nathan Business Advisors)

  • Behind the Scenes of a Board Meeting

  • Live Networking Session on Remo

  • Motivational Seminar with Desert Runner Dave O'Brien [the oldest man on the planet to run all 4x250-kilometre deserts in the same year]

The week was a huge success and the feedback was stellar for all involved!


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