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A Very Successful Gathering

8 May 2013

Talk obviously centred on times past, on people and happenings, as stories were told and retold and events recalled from dim and distant memories. For myself, as a former student, teacher and current principal, it was an emotional evening. It was like a dream, seeing people from the many different class groups who I knew when I was a student, and others that I knew from when I was a teacher and being whisked from one group to the other and back again.

Many people commented on how well the College looks, how good the facilities are now when compared with times past. They were also impressed by the current Transition Year students and the Fifth Year Mentors who were assisting on the night. The planned finish in the College was for 8.30pm, but people were still talking and conversing here till well after 10pm. The Glenside was alive and buzzing when I arrived and I am told the talking and reminiscing continued into the wee, wee hours! I would like to thank all those who attended on the night. My thanks are also due to all, both teachers and past-pupils, who played a part in planning and publicising the event. It was a fantastic evening - a great way to celebrate 60 years! The College looks forward to the future with confidence.


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