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De La Salle's 'Green' Year

25 May 2018

It was written in the stars that 2018 was going to be a green year for the Wine and Gold! It all started over two years ago with two teachers and a handful of students...scrubbing newly acquired recycled bins with a few sponges and a bucket of cold water! These were determined that litter and waste would soon be a problem of the past. They rolled up their sleeves, put a committee together and as other teachers and students joined in, our Green School team was born. Driven by the sheer determination that the Green Flag would be finally ours, they rallied the troops, campaigned hard striving to inform all our students, staff and members of the community on the dangers of plastic waste and encouraging all to make our school grounds a litter free space and be proud to be participating in this worldwide movement. In parallel, a team of TY students took this theme at heart and decided to push themselves even further. To raise awareness about the issue, they built a symbol for everyone to see of their 'sick of plastic' attitude and joined the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Award competition. Their De La Salle Greenhouse entirely made of reused plastic bottles took six months to build, and a lot of effort, and a lot of sweat, and a lot of determination...but what a tremendous success and a wonderful legacy! As the summer holidays start, our Green School leaders, Daniel Stroia Pop, Omar Hasan, Maverick Labastilla, James Ferrera, Omar Teyehi, Andrew Cotter, Omar Saood and many others can leave with a sense of great pride and of work well done. They have given to De La Salle its first of many green years!


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