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Transition Year Students work with Graffiti Artist

Every Architect /Designers dream…..a large, unused, sun soaked terrace spanning the width of two classrooms.

The only problem; it is covered in dirt, moss, weeds and years of neglect. The first sight that Ms. O'Dwyer sees every morning when her mind is tuned to culture, language and everything French!

So what to do about this space that is begging for “amour”? Call on the trusty Transition Year students to bring their expertise and enthusiasm to a project that will be here long after they leave, a testament to their hard work and creativity.

A number of days of weed pulling followed...the donkey work before the project can begin in earnest. Following this we introduced the power washer to Elliot’s world and it became his shadow for a quite a while as he hosed away a lifetime of grime and neglect.

Preparation involved asking local businesses for donations in the form of paint for the balcony and flowers for the added visual effect.

A big “Thank You” to Pat Mc Donnell Paints in Nutgrove for donating paint and to Supervalu, Churchtown and Lidl, Rathfarnham for their generosity in donating lots of plants.

We contacted Shane Ha, a renowned graffiti artist and someone with lots of experience of carrying out projects with young people. Shane and the lads brainstormed and came up with a design which was young, edgy and colourful.

The lads also had the idea of decorating our steps on the way up to the balcony and inserting the word “Welcome” in as many languages as we could fit. This is to acknowledge and embrace the many cultures we have living side by side in our school environment.

It is nearly there!

Next step is to secure furniture for our space and jazz it up a little with outdoor rugs, lights etc. It will become an extension of the two classrooms it once dominated. It will become an outdoor social area for students and teachers. Ms O Dwyer has already hosted her 5th year mentor breakfast here.

Most importantly it will become an embodiment of what we represent in De La Salle…..creativity, inclusivity, hard work and forward thinking.



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