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Principal's Christmas Message

20 December 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students, parents, staff and wider College Community a very happy and peaceful Christmas. It has been a very busy time here in the College. I suppose getting the roof done has been the big project. Gradually we have become leak-free and just now we are beginning to appreciate the improved insulation resulting in warmer classrooms. I must thank O'Brien Roofing for the easy and competent way in which the work has been done to date.

I'd like to complement the vast majority of our students on their application and work of the first term. It has been noticed and long may it continue. Of course there are always those who for whatever reason have not worked to potential but there is still time and we hope for good New Year's Resolutions and a better year ahead.

A great big thank you to all the staff of the College. I don't think that I'd be here today without your support and help.

Thank you to all our students who so greatly improved the wearing of the uniform this year. Thank you to all the parents who supported us in this endeavour.

Fourth Years your Christmas Day on the 10th December was a great success. So too was the initiative with the Christmas Cards in aid of St Vincent de Paul which raised a significant amount of money. Total money to St Vincent de Paul amounted to E 787 and that is not counting the more than two hundred gifts also collected for the Saint Vincent de Paul. Congratulations to all who made such an effort. Well done TYs, Mr Kirwan, Mr Cronin, Ms Mazzucato for organising everything and Ms Kelleher for organising our Christmas windows. You have truly made Christmas memorable and indeed put Christ and the Spirt of Giving back into Christmas.

Sporting activities have a big part to play in our lives. Congratulations to all our sportsmen in all our sports who have shown themselves to be true lasallians both in victory and defeat. I'm truly proud of you all in rugby, golf badminton, squash and athletics.  

May the Joy and Peace of the Christ Child gladden all our hearts over the Christmas Season.

Enjoy the holidays and see you all on the 5th January renewed and refreshed for the tasks of the year ahead.

Happy Christmas

Elizabeth O'Connell



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